Street Photography Hong Kong: In November 2016 I travelled over to Cambodia and logistics allowed us to stop over at Hong Kong, which was far too good an opportunity to pass up. I’d always wanted to visit this great city to experience the massive mix of culture, great food and vast structures that loom over the city in all their glory. I travelled out with my Fuji XT2 which I think is a near perfect piece of equipment for Street photography in Hong Kong – it’s light, quick to focus and great in most conditions, including low light. We started out in Kowloon and ventured on foot as much as possible. Having only 36 hours in the city meant we had quite a lot to fit in to satisfy my curiosity, but this didn’t deter us from taking our time to take it all in and most importantly look up, because this is one TALL city. Travelling over to The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery was an incredible experience, although the queues are a draining ordeal, it’s worth it for the amazing views.

Hong Kong  is a well oiled machine that welcomes people to travel all over the city to eat, drink and explore. Between every cityscape there’s a story to capture and connections to be made and in reality, 36 hours was never going to be enough to see this all. But I’ll be back no doubt, ready to take in the bold beauty of this city as soon as I get the chance.

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  • Andrea Lück says:

    Ich bin hin und weg von diesen schönen Bildern! Mein Kompliment!!
    Ich bin gerade von der Olympus EM1 zur Fuji X-T2 gewechselt und freunde mich gerade mit ihr an 🙂
    Werde hier bestimmt öfters vorbei schauen.
    Bis bald,
    Andrea Lück

    • Tarik says:

      Hallo Danke Andrea, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, durch meine Arbeit zu schauen, froh, dass du es genossen hast. Ich habe Olympus EM10 in der Vergangenheit geschossen, aber der Fuji ist mein Favorit im Moment. Brillant für Reise und Straße. (Via google translate)

  • unreal lines so so good

  • Ole Fasterholt says:

    Hi Tarik
    Beautiful images with great colors. What software program do you use to finalise your great Fuji pictures?

    • Tarik says:

      Hi Ole, thanks so much for the kind words. Really glad you enjoyed the post. I shoot everything in .RAF and base the edit on Classic Chrome with tweaks from there. Hope that helps and any other questions, let me know 🙂

  • Barry Studd says:

    Hi Tarik,
    Do you still use the Canon gear? I prefer my Fuji’s for everything and sold my Nikons a few years ago.

    • Tarik says:

      Hi Barry, thanks for the comment. I still have my Canon gear but moving over to Fuji for all my work now. They are great to shoot with.

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