Visting the white cliffs and chalk stacks of Botany Bay

As a photographer, it’s hard to travel anywhere without my camera by my side, as you never know what you might miss. Sometimes you get really lucky with the locations you visit and get to capture something pretty special while you’re passing through and Botany Bay in Kent proved to be one of those trips. Every year I have the task of arranging a UK based adventure for my partner Rebecca’s birthday and this usually involves 2 or 3 months’ stress as I dream up all sorts of plans, but nothing actually comes together until at least 2 days before. However this particular year I wanted to get ahead of the game and did some asking around to see if any of my networks could steer me in the right direction. I found lots of recommendations for Broadstairs in Kent, and I can totally understand why. It’s an awesome coastal town known as the “jewel in Thanet’s crown”. However as cool as Broadstairs is, I wanted something a little different, a little mysterious. Something that made it look like I went the extra mile. It never really feels like an adventure otherwise. So I got my google hat on, blew the dust off my keyboard, and in my search stumbled across Botany Bay in Kent. 

The northernmost of seven bays in Broadstairs

I can’t stress how awesome this place is and the fact that it’s slightly off the beaten track means you get that moment of serenity when you need it most. You can find all sorts of information about Botany Bay here – just make sure you don’t put the wrong Botany Bay into your NAV as you might end up in Australia! The best thing about this awesome little beach location is that it’s a little off the beaten track so shouldn’t be as busy as Broadstairs beach, even at the height of the summer. However, it is becoming a little more well known so to get the best views you’re going to benefit visiting out of season so that you can really take in all the beauty of the location.


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