My trip to Botany Bay Kent.

One of the hardest jobs I get every year is arranging my beloved girlfriends birthday. The anticipation of it all kills me, even though she’d be more than happy with the minimum, I just don’t want to be that guy.

So I spend 3 months thinking about it and dreaming up all sorts of plans, but nothing actuallycomes together till at least 2 days before, at best. Cause you know, why make it easy for myself? This year I found myself drawn to Broadstairs in Kent after many recommendations. However for some reason it just didn’t seem exciting enough. I wanted something a little different, a little mysterious. So I googled around as you do the night before a trip and stumbled across Botany Bay in Kent  – the northernmost of seven bays in Broadstairs.

I can’t stress how beautiful this place is and the fact that it’s slightly off the beaten track means you get that moment of serenity when you need it most. The only recommendation I’d give is that when you do visit, make it out of season to make the most of the landscape and view. It’s never going to be as busy as Broadstairs beach even at the height of the summer, but there’s a few bodies on the beach that you could avoid if you wanted to have the beach all to yourself for the afternoon. Just don’t forget your jacket and scarf, of course.

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