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Discover the Magic of Brixton through Street Photography

Brixton is a vibrant and buzzing neighbourhood in South London. It offers a diverse blend of culture, history, and artistic expression and is a total treasure trove of photogenic scenes for street photographers in London.

The History of Brixton

Originally a rural area known for its orchards and market gardens, Brixton changed significantly during the Victorian era, attracting a wave of affluent residents to this up-and-coming area. In the early 20th century, Brixton became a favoured home to many diverse communities from around the globe. This multicultural atmosphere still endures to this day. Brixton, with its many iconic landmarks, is a bustling hub for music, art, and activism in London.

On this occasion we only managed to spend an afternoon capturing street photography in Brixton, but I can see us making this a regular spot to visit. And even then, we’ll only be scratching the surface of what might be one of the coolest locations to capture street photos in London.

The vibrant and exciting locations of Brixton

As you wander through the local streets, you can’t help but notice the energy and sensory experiences this part of the capital offers. From the colourful stalls, murals and street art, there is literally something new and interesting around every corner. The locations I selected below offer a glimpse into the diverse and lively character of Brixton, but are not all it offers.

Brixton Academy

Also known as O2 Academy Brixton, this iconic music venue was transformed from a cinema in the 1980s. Brixton Academy has hosted legendary performances by global artists and is very much a symbol of Brixton’s vibrant music scene.

Brixton Market

An absolute must for any serious London street photographer. Home to countless colourful stalls, bustling crowds and a diverse array of smells and sounds to draw you in. You really can’t help but stumble across something interesting to capture.

Electric Avenue

Another must-visit spot is Electric Avenue. This street is renowned for its vibrant energy and diverse street scenes that really capture the essence of Brixton’s urban life.

Stockwell Skatepark

This popular hangout is a hive of activity. It provides an interesting backdrop for photos, whilst you capture the impressive skills of local skateboarders.

Brixton Village

Venture into the charming Brixton Village. Full of independent shops and places to eat and always a good spot for capturing the people of Brixton.

Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton is a converted shipping container village. Filled with small independent businesses, it often plays host to local events.

Getting to and from Brixton

If you’re not from London and looking for your way around, the transport links are excellent. Brixton has a tube station, train station and a very regular bus services in the area.

Final thoughts on Brixton from a London Street Photographer

Brixton’s appeal for London street photographers is its ability to capture a cross section of London’s multicultural and diverse population with interesting and varied backdrops. With every shutter click, you capture the energy, history, and creativity that flow through the veins of Brixton’s streets. For further inspiration, check out our comprehensive guide to the best street photography locations in London.

Our Street Photography Projects

Our Street photography has taken us to various places around the world. The intrigue of the unknown has given us the opportunity to capture photos in the most remote villages of Cambodia to the bustling city of Berlin.


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