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Not So Corporate, Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots, Business Portraits or Company Portraits (however you refer to them) are an ever-increasing requirement for doing business. So while your phone selfies might be great for your personal social media, they just don’t cut it when it comes to your business.

Most business owners recognise that in today’s age of social media they have to wrap their heads around online business and all that it entails. Social Media and online business is, on the whole, a visual medium, so consistent and professional brand identity matters. In addition, many business owners (especially smaller companies and sole traders) are more often than not the “face” of their brand. What’s interesting though and surprising is that they are frequently reluctant to invest in professional portrait photography. We’ve pulled together some information below on why we think creative headshots and professional business portraits are so important for you brand and business.

Casual Headshot of a man laughing in London Bridge

Business Portraits vs Corporate Headshots

Generally, we try and dodge the term corporate headshots as it just sounds a little rigid. Essentially speaking it’s a business portrait and there are ways to approach this portrait to make it tell a story about your brand. Sure you can go for “professional” or “business” if you believe it fits, but we’ll always want to get a little deeper into the personality of your business so your portraits match the tone of voice of your brand.

Headshots Reflect Your Brand Identity

Your ‘brand identity’ essentially visually tells your customers who you are, what you do and how you want to be perceived. An up-to-date business portrait that can be applied to all your marketing efforts from your website, to social media, to Linkedin creates consistency in your branding that people will recognise when they see it.  So it is really important to get one that represents you and your brand well.

Headshot of a lady smiling in the park wearing a red jacket

Professional Photography Makes A Good First Impression

We’ve acknowledged the importance of social media and how businesses now need an online presence. We’ve also briefly touched on the importance of brand identity and consistency, but we know many of you are going say “this doesn’t really apply to me and my business…” So here’s the honest and brutal truth… it does and here’s why.

New Clients will find you online first

In today’s digital age, with Google searches the ability to ask your friends for recommendations on Facebook, amongst others it is more than likely, the first time a new client will come across you or your business is online.  Be that through, a search engine result, a social media profile, directory listing, or your website. Nowadays people looking for your service or products will probably find you online before they even set foot out the door to head to your premises.

First Impressions Count

It’s common knowledge that human beings make sub-conscious judgments within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone new.   It is why you’re always told first impressions count when going for interviews. The same applies to your online business.  You want a potential new clients first impression of you to be good.

The Selfie vs the Professional Portrait

So imagine your ideal client is searching online for the products or services you offer. A number of websites or social media results are returned. The first result has a professional corporate headshot with a friendly, smiling individual. The second result is yours. It shows a picture of the selfie you took that you thought looked great, and saved you a heap of money.

Only that’s not what the prospective client sees. They notice the poor lighting and that the picture is slightly out of focus, oh and ‘what’s that in the background’? It says to them you did it on the cheap, and there’s their first impression. ‘You cut corners’. So which of the two would you opt to give your business?

Professional Portraits Make You Look and Feel Your Best

A corporate headshot captured by a creative portrait photographer will capture you looking your best. As you’re paying for it, you’re much more likely to put in the effort to look your best too as you will place a value on it, and will want to get the most from the portrait session.

Preparation & Information

An experienced photographer will be well equipped with helping you prepare for your portrait session. They’ll be covering topics like clothing, makeup and hair. They’ll know which environments and backgrounds will work best with your brand identity, and will understand technical aspects of photography such as lighting and posing, that a layperson won’t.

Look Good – Feel Good

While having great corporate headshots will be great for your business and the impression you make on potential clients, they can be equally great for you as an individual too.  A good photograph of you will often leave you feeling full of confidence.  As the old adage goes “When you look good, you feel good”.

Business Portrait of a man smiling in an urban setting in LondonInvesting in Business Portraits

Paying for professional photography is an investment in both you and your business but we’re confident that the investment is essential for communicating the personality of your brand and really sets you apart.

Team Photos

The benefit of distinctive reportage style business portraits can also expand to teams and groups within an organisation. And although there’s often a misconception that studio photography can feel stuffy, we believe that with the right setup these images can also be captured in a style that feels natural and relaxed.

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