Not so corporate headshots.

Portraits are one of my favourite things when it comes to photography. Street photography is a close 2nd followed by anything that involves a camera to be totally honest. But I really do get a kick out of photographing people. Especially the ones that claim they hate being photographed. They’re my favourite.

Bottom line is people are hard to photograph, and making them feel comfortable is a pretty tricky task, but one that I’m pretty comfortable with now and I think it’s probably one of the most important parts of portrait photography. Of course good light is paramount too, especially if you’re a natural light photographer like myself.

I always try and dodge the term corporate headshots, to me it just sounds a little stiff. Essentially speaking it’s a portrait and there’s ways to approach this portrait to make it tell a story about a person and show how they want to be perceived by the people looking at it. Sure you can go for “professional” or “business” but I’ll always want to get the personality in the portriat. That’s the bit that’s important and that’s the bit that I’ll always want to capture when taking Not so corporate headshots or as I like to refer to them as professional portraits.

Below is a small selection of shots I took for mcgarrybowen London. There were a few ways I could have approached this brief but one word that I had lingering in my mind were sincere. I wanted the portraits to show their clients exactly who they were without any distractions and give the sense of sincerity.

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