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Travelling through Colourful Cambodia

When travelling through Cambodia we set out to capture the vast landscapes of Rice Fields, the temples of Siem Reap and some of the historical impacts of the Khmer Rouge. We found our collection of travel photos depicting a sense of peace in the people of Cambodia, with a mix of colourful characters and vibrant street photography scenes. View the full Street Photography Cambodia project in our Journal.

As featured in fujilove.com.

Mockup of Fuji Magazine website showing Oh Brother Creative's featured work
Young buddhist monk in orange robes
Young people sat on a wall under a huge tree in Cambodia
woman looking over her shoulder as she navigates down a cambodian riverway
Man in denim shirt leaning and looking out in the distance
Child at stall with sign saying photo for .50 usd or buy something get photo free as man with camera looks at stall
Man in workshop with various tools on his workbench
woman in cambodia market weighing and packaging spices
Cambodian street scene showing a few people outside the back of a small mini van
Man smiling in Cambodian market as he straps pig carcasses to his moped
Young child walking along the edge of a river bank
Man sat on moped with crash helmet in Cambodia
Road scene showing a moped and driver pulling along a trolley loaded with people
Man pulling fish out of a tank and placing into basket at a cambodian market