We Created

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen with Marks and Spencer

As part of our ongoing work with M&S food, we were commissioned to produce a recipe film featuring the incredibly talented Zoe Adjonyoh.

Founded in 2010, “Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen” was brought about to kick start an African Food Revolution and bring African foods to the masses. The series of films we produced have been featured on various social media platforms and the official M&S YouTube channel to help promote the great work she’s been doing both in and out of the kitchen. You can find some more of her culinary masterpieces in her highly successful cookbook, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

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image of mobile phone featuring Instagram shot of Zoe Adjonyoh in the Kitchen
Image of Zoe Adjonyoh in a kitchen
Image of skewers with someone pouring over a satay sauce
Image of person's hands chopping herbs and onions
Image of Zoe Adjonyoh in a kitchen
Zoe Adjonyoh sprinkling spices over skewers in a kitchen
Image of skewers on bed of onions and salad