The Brief

Instagram Film & Stills

It’s said that although having a child is one of the most joyous occasions in life, it can also make people feel a little secluded, socially. Thankfully those clever ladies over at MUSH decided to do something about that! With over 18k followers on Instagram, the MUSH social networking app is helping like minded mums get out the house and socialise with people in the local area.
We were asked to produce both film and stills documenting one of their first pre-organised (usually user led) meetups, held in various locations across London. With so many happy faces, mums and babies alike, it was a breeze to capture the buzz and excitement that the event generated. From this we supplied the client with a selection of photos and a 20 second Instagram friendly video, to brief.
MUSH Instagram App
Mush Meetup in London


This resulted in us producing a short social media film with a selection of accompanying stills that captured the atmosphere and energy of the event.