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Life as a Street Photographer in London

Street photography aims to capture everyday life in public places, particularly in urban landscapes and cities. More often than not, subjects in the photos aren’t even aware that they’re being photographed, creating incredibly unique and powerful images. The search for interesting light, shapes, and stories at any given moment is what makes street photography such a distinctive and valuable discipline.

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How Street Photography Influences Our Commercial Work

Street photography is at the heart of our work, and its influence can be found throughout our portfolio. We aim to embrace interesting aspects of a given location that help steer the overall look and feel of a scene. Working with natural light where possible we strive to create imagery that utilises negative space, leading lines and contrasting colours.

Street, Reportage or Documentary

Street photographers are often referred to as “reportage” or “documentary” photographers, given their ability to capture such short-lived moments without interrupting those around them. At the core of it, our street photography background motivates us to capture photos that seek out subtle elements to tell an engaging story.

Candid Street Photography

We embrace the edgy and prominent style that comes with candid street photography and welcome the influence this has on our portrait photography.  We believe this gives a distinctive and natural look to our portraiture, which makes our work stand out. The skills we have gained over the years practicing the discipline of street photography has given us the ability to capture images quickly, and creatively.

Candid Portrait of a Lady wearing a bright red jacket looking out of the window in London
Street photo of man in staircase window at The Barbican in London

Featured Work and Interviews

As established London Street Photographers, we’re pleased to have had some of our various projects from around the world featured online and in printed publications. You can view these by following the links below and if you’re interested in the camera gear we use to capture our photos, check out our published article on

Are you looking for a Street Photographer for your next project?

If you’re looking for a London Street Photographer to bring a distinctive, creative style to your next commercial photography project, head over to our contact page and send us an email using the online form.