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Karen, A London Mudlark Documentary Film

You know how they say you can stumble across the best things when you’re not actually looking for them? Well, for us, this was the case when we met Karen Turner, a Mudlark in London.

Our project “A London Mudlark” took us to the Limehouse Basin, a gateway between the River Thames and over 2,000 miles of navigable canals and rivers. We spent some time with Karen as she described what Mudlarking meant to her, and why she finds so much peace in digging for historical artefact on the banks of the River. We found her story and enthusiasm fascinating, and it highlighted just how much more of London there is still yet to discover.

Read more about the project, A London Mudlark over on our Journal.

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Mudlarking at Southbank with a view overlooking St Pauls Cathedral
Image of mudlarker holding a find in their rubber gloves
Mudlarker looking for buried treasure on banks of River Thames in London
A Mudlarker in London at the Limehouse Basin Foreshore