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Exploring Hong Kong

A 36-hour layover in Hong Kong was just about enough time to ventured into the city for the first time to capture a series of photos that we think depicting the essence of a city straddled between tradition and modernity. Despite the limited time frame, we managed to explore the neon-lit streets of Kowloon right through to the amazing views from the Po Lin Monastery. Head over to our journal to view the full set of photos for our Street Photography Hong Kong project.

As featured in plainmagazine.com, creativeboom.com and fujixpassion.com.

Image of Macbook showing 36 Hours in Hong Kong featured blog post on Plain Magazine website on the screen
Buddhist monk wearing red robes
Image of person framed as a shillouete on series of escallators.
Man sat in seat on MRT in Hong Kong as another man leans against pole looking at his phone
Image of Hong Kong island taken from The Peak
Image of lots of people in walkway in Hong Kong
Woman leaning against plate glass window looking at phone
Busy Hong Kong kitchen scene of staff working
Hong Kong Street scene showing skyline framed between buildings on either side of the street
Man with glasses that are not sitting on his face properly as he is asleep on MTR in Hong Kong.
Busker or performer in Hong Kong's MRT station
Neon Lights of Hong Kong
Man fixing a sewing machine in hong kong