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Creative, natural looking studio photographers in London

Studio Photography can be synonymous with overproduced, unnatural or “polished” imagery. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and within itself takes a huge level of skill and experience to achieve well. In some cases though, this pristine look may not suit the brief in hand where the convenience of photographing in a studio is still needed. Well, we’re here to tell you that for once, you can in fact “have your cake and eat it”.

Our street photography influence

Our experience is steeped in street photography, it’s one of the factors that define our style and creative approach, whether this be our portrait photography or video productions. Street photography relies on using natural light, real life moments and architectural influence – if surroundings allow for it.

When we’re tasked with photographing in a studio environment, it’s still ingrained in us to achieve a cohesive organic look alongside our portfolio of commercial photography, and we achieve this by sourcing studios that offer beautiful natural light and earthy wall textures. Of course, there are ways to emulate natural light, but for us nothing beats the good old Sun when it comes to working on our subjects. I say this with a pinch of salt of course, as we would still require the influence of artificial lighting in order to balance our scene exposure, but this all still works towards achieving our natural and “real” look.

Studio photography project with Unmind

We recently worked on a project with the fantastic people over at Unmind, a leading workplace wellbeing platform, on a mission to create mentally healthy workplaces where employees can flourish. Planning for a new product launch, they required a high volume studio shoot to generate content for their new website and app. What initially drew them to us was our street photography and portraiture style, so it was key that we achieved this natural look in the studio too.

Unique urban photography studios in London

For this particular brief, we hired the fantastic Sunset Studio in Peckham, London. This space offered an abundance of south facing natural light, textured plaster & brick walls and beautiful industrial detailing. Some alternative spaces that offered the same perks on our shortlist were Espero studio, and Loft Studios, but Sunset suited us best logistically on this one. Spanning over 2 days, this project was a full scale production involving 23 cast, makeup and wardrobe to facilitate the delivery of over 200 photo and video assets.

Our Street Photography Projects

Our biggest influences come from street photography, which has taken us to various places around the world. The intrigue of the unknown has given us the opportunity to capture photos in the most remote villages of Cambodia to the bustling city of Berlin.


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